Quick Introduction


Easy Heading Navigation is a plugin developed by Shinetech Software for Atlassian Confluence product to help user navigate the content of pages in an easy way.

This plugin provide a floating Table of Content style Navigation side bar, and make heading sections expandable for you.

The offical macro Table of Content dosen't provide floating function, so we implemented this as a plugin for users who really need this ability. This plugin is pretty helpful when there is very long content on the page.

Different from Easy Heading Free Macro, this plugin is not a Macro that requires user to manually insert macro into the page content. Instead it gives users a view mode called "Navigation View" (in page dropdown menu) for any confluence page, so that users can have the plugin's ability any time on any page as long as this plugin is enabled on that page.

Main Features

  • Latest Update: Integrated with Free Macro and share Free Macros the abilities Style customization, Table of Contents for Editor, Global/Space level default parameters

  • Provide Floating Table of Contents for Page Editor

  • Provide an always-visible Floating Table of Contents style Naivgation sidebar

  • Provide an alternative popup mode that the Navigation Sidebar is hidden unless user move mouse hoving on the menu icon

  • Make the Heading sections expandable to user

  • User is able to turn on/off the plugin for any page

  • Allow space owner/space admin to change plugin settings

  • Allow space owner/space admin to change Navigation Sidbar style, ex. background color, link color, size of font etc.

  • Provide 3 Navigation Sidebar style templates Blue, Orange and Green themes

  • Allow System Admin to force all spaces to use the same global plugin settings

  • Well supported plugin: Refined - Structure and Theme Confluence


Navigation View menu item for users

Navigation View menu item for users

Popup mode - floating menu button

Popup mode - popped-up Navigation Sidebar

Blue standard style template

Orange standard style template

Green standard style template

Space Tool - enable/disable toggles

Space Tool - plugin settings

Space Tool - edit style of navigation sidebar

System Configuration - toggle to force all spaces to use same setting

System Configuration - edit global settings and style of navigation sidebar